Registering the death

Registering the death

Registering the death

Who registers the death?

The funeral director, person responsible for the burial or cremation of the body or their authorised agent, must notify Births, Deaths and Marriages of the death within three working days of the burial or cremation. There is no charge for registering a death.

You should receive the Death Certificate within ten working days of the Registrar receiving the Notification of Death form.

What information is required to complete the registration of the death?

To be able to complete the registration of the death with the Registrar General, as required by law, the following information is required:

  • The place of birth of the deceased;
  • If not born in NZ, the period of residence in New Zealand;
  • Given name and surname of the deceased's father;
  • Maiden name of the deceased's mother;
  • The deceased father's occupation;
  • Where the deceased was married, if applicable;
  • At what age(s) the deceased got married, if applicable;
  • Name of the deceased's spouse or civil union partner, if applicable; and
  • First name and date of birth of the deceased's children, if applicable, and from which relationship.

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