Deceased Body

Deceased Body

Deceased Body

Who is responsible for the deceased's body or ashes?

If there is a Will, the person named in this as executor will have legal responsibility of the body. Where there is no Will then it is the responsibility of the immediate family.

What are the options for the deceased's body?

There are three options available: cremation, burial, entombment. Burial and entombment will require the arrangement of a suitable plot. Cremation may or may not require a plot, depending on what you intend to do with the ashes.

Where can I scatter the deceased's ashes?

When scattering ashes you must make sure the area you have chosen is not close to traditional Maori food-gathering grounds. You may also need to ask for permission to scatter ashes in a park, sports ground, or at sea.

Can I donate the deceased's body?

Arrangements for donating a body to science must be made before the person dies.

Can I donate the deceased's organs?

Please refer to the Organ Donation New Zealand website for a comprehensive list of FAQ's

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