Death of a person

Death of a person

Death of a person

Someone had died what should I do?

When a loved one dies you may need to complete some of these actions:

  • Call a doctor or local ambulance service
  • Contact next of kin and other family members
  • Inform the family doctor of the death and request a death certificate
  • Contact a funeral director
  • Locate the deceased's Will – this identifies any wishes in regards to funeral arrangements and the executor of the Will
  • Call a minister or priest. Churches are listed under Denominations in the telephone directory
  • Call the deceased’s employer, union, club or ex-service organization
  • Contact the executor named in the Will.

What happens when someone dies overseas?

If someone dies overseas, it is up to the executor of the Will and the next of kin to decide whether they want to bring the body back to New Zealand or make burial arrangements overseas. The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) can provide advice and assistance on the available options.  

When someone is brought back to their home country after dying overseas, it is called repatriation.

When is it necessary to call the Police?

The attending doctor or ambulance officer can advise if the Police should be called. Usually if the death is the result of an accident or unusual circumstances, the Police should be contacted. To call the Police dial 111 or alternatively call your local police station. To find your nearest police station click here

How do I place a death notice in the newspapers?

To place an obituary, death notice or memorial notice please contact:

New Zealand Herald 0800 HERALD -

Dominion Post 04 473 9999 -

The Press 03 377 8778 -

Manawatu Standard 06 356 9009 -

Waikato Times 0800 800 373 -

Nelson Mail 03 548 0119 -

Taranaki Daily News 06 759 0802-

Otago Daily Times - 03 477 8000 -

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